Manage all your data feed in a single format

Imagine integrating a new provider and immediately using the service.
With InnHub you can save time for any integration, it’s already done!

InnHub is our data feed translator that allows you to connect all Sports Betting providers to your services by delivering data in a single format.

The unified feed in output works with the format set by the bookmaker. This will enable you to manage data from different vendors and dramatically reduce integration time.


One unique feed set in one unique protocol

Currently bookmakers integrate data from different providers that have different communication protocols.

InnHub collects all feeds from different providers and unifies them in one format, manages everything in one protocol, drastically reducing integration time.

It’s a universal feed converter and is integrated into all our products, both Prematch and Live. It can also be used standalone, as a pure data stream.


InnHub's strong points

The integration of providers feed is done only once, you can use the service immediately
inside our tools
The unique feed is already integrated into all our products, both Prematch and Live
Only Data
The unique feed can be used also as a pure data flow directly delivered to your bookmaker's software

The Sports Betting Tools Suite for managing your bookmaker

The universal feed converter that unifies the feeds of different providers in a single data feed
The prematch managing tool from integration to settlements, also in automatic mode
The live betting managing tool that allows you to increase and customize your live & players offer
The booking planning management tool for purchase live events from providers
The managing tool for horses and greyounds racing, also in automatic mode