InnProjekt CEO: Analyze The Change and Advance the Next Action

I don’t particularly like being on the front line on social media, but I feel that the time has come to have my say as a contact person for my company, for my collaborators and partners, and also for those who are only interested or working in the gambling sector.

In this moment of great uncertainty, we find ourselves within logics never thought of and we must react to survive and evolve. As difficult as it may be, negativity needs to be put aside, the change analyzed and the next step forward. It is in times of crisis that great opportunities arise.

For this reason, we have always tried to proceed so that InnProjekt | Custom software solutions for sports betting, gambling and casinos can mark the difference also tomorrow in the sportsbook sector, as in the past, with its cutting-edge technologies in sports betting.

We hold our heads high and stimulate the inventiveness with fresh and positive ideas, thinking that one day all this will end and we will start again, treasuring this period, richer in experiences and relationships that we have created and consolidated in this period.

A hug, socially distant.

Alessandro Casella

CEO @ Innprojekt | Custom Software Solutions for Sports Betting, Gambling & Casino

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