Live Selector

Manage the purchase of live events from multiple providers

With Live Selector you can manage your live sportsbook reservations, perfectly following the All-in-one philosophy.

This booking planning management tool is a must have: you can prevent the risk of double purchase, you won’t forget to book your live matches, all in one page, all in front of your eyes.

In addition, this platform allows you to manage the association of inconsistent names. It also allows you to manage and inhibit the purchase of suspicious odds.

Live Selector

With Live Selector you can automatically organize the entire schedule

The most important aspect of Live Selector is that you can automatically organize the entire schedule: having been developed within the InnBets platform, there is a section where you can choose for each competition (or country) on which provider to rely.

You just need to configure it once.

Live Selector

Live Selector's strong points

Multisupplier view
You can see in one screen all the odds offered by the individual providers with whom you have an account
You can choose the provider from which to buy the match, avoiding the risk of double purchase
All-in-one tool
all of our tools are created following the all-in-one philosophy, intuitive and clever

The Sports Betting Tools Suite for managing your bookmaker

The universal feed converter that unifies the feeds of different providers in a single data feed
The prematch managing tool from integration to settlements, also in automatic mode
The live betting managing tool that allows you to increase and customize your live & players offer
The booking planning management tool for purchase live events from providers
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