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Innplay, the new concept of live betting


maximize your profit by having real-time control of the platform in every aspect

With InnPlay you can easily manage your matches in real time.

Tons of side bets allow you to expand your market and give your players many reasons to bet.

You can independently manage the variation of odds, control the market and player trends in a way never seen before.

This sports betting tool can be adapted to any type of live event.
All in a single screen.


Side bets of all types for each player, such as Next Assist, Next Card, Next Foul, Next Shot, Next Shot on Target, Goal Method (right/left, penalty, free kick, header), Total Shots, Total Shots on Target and many more.

InnPlay is closely related to InnBets

Once the prematch is closed, InnPlay generates the odds. Based on the placed bets you have received, InnPlay will balance the odds with the margins you set.

competitive advantage

Our tool, based on sophisticated and always up-to-date mathematical calculators, will give you an unprecedented competitive advantage thanks to its reliability and calculation speed