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Happy 5th Birthday InnProjekt

Today, five years after the birth of Innprojekt, I look around my Company: I see a huge potential, a culture of values and open minded organization that grows up, and beautiful people that grows up inside it.

I remember well where I was 5 years ago: it was a very hot day for our jackets and ties in the center of Innsbruck, but the reason why Andrea and I were elegant helped us to feel less the heat of that August day.

That day, on the second floor of a notary office in the city center, we were preparing to put our signature on the Company’s creation document.

That day was born – officially – InnProjekt.

Happy 5th birthday InnProjekt Software Solutions for Sports Betting_Baloons Letters

“Officially” because in reality it was born months before in a bierstube, between speeches, beer and Wiener Schnitzel.

I remember that mixed feeling of responsibility and happiness that assailed me when I returned the pen to the notary, the same that my partner also felt. “It’s done”, we thought.

Once the notary was dismissed, we left the composure and order in his office and hugged each other laughing loudly, finally removing that knot from the tie as a gesture of liberation.

Like every startup, there has been no lack of tangles of opposite emotions: from the enthusiasm for the new adventure to the defeatist thoughts on not succeeding, to the questions “Will I be able?” “What if it doesn’t work?”. But it is precisely in that condition that you must bring out your true why.

Along the way, Gabriele, Fausto and Mattia embraced our project by joining InnProjekt, which has enriched their skills with the experience and ability of new entrants.

The commitment and sacrifices you make for your “why” will be rewarded in some way. All the planes you take, the handshakes you do and yes, even the doors in your face will always be part of an experience that you will not forget.

And if you will be able to maintain close contact with yourself then you will be able to say that you have realized that dream that at the beginning of the road taken didn’t make you sleep at night.

Now, I look around me: I see collaborators who love what they do, who take so long and who have found their own why, which goes hand in hand with the company.
I see customers and partners happy to have trusted, to have believed in us even when the public didn’t know us. I see a community that grows, where the person is the fundamental fulcrum of all processes.

At the end of this year, new calculation software dedicated to pre-match and live sports bets will be released on the market for each sport.

We are thrilled and looking forward to it!

Happy 5th birthday InnProjekt Software Solutions for Sports Betting

Happy 5th Birthday InnProjekt!