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The Sports Betting October Trips

When I’ve planned with Renato Rossi October trips, we were delighted to be able to travel again for work and meet people, as if this difficult year had made us all a little brothers and sisters. A bit like when during the World Cup we all support our national team.

I’ve always traveled a lot for work, but this time it was different.

Organizing an entire week on the road touching some of the most influential European cities in the betting industry including

📍 Vienna 📍Athens 📍Rome 📍 Malta and 📍Monaco

pointed out to me the high level of attention, both to the security provisions (that have been a pattern always present in our movements) that to our vision.

With the mask everything is more difficult: talking, interacting, communicating with your interlocutor; but our eyes and the strength of our proposal have managed to convey the true value of our project.


I would like to thank all the people I met on this journey so heartfelt and so awaited. 

All those who live in countries with more than 20 º C and sea view will take precedence in the next possible road map.

(I’m joking, but not too much!)